Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation

From Rescue to Release: Our Journey in Healing and Protecting Injured Birds

The AvayeBoom Bird Conservation Society has been dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured birds since its inception in 2015. At that time, Iran had only one wildlife rehabilitation center, located in Tehran. Due to the increasing number of calls seeking help for injured birds, AvayeBoom decided to establish a small bird rehabilitation center in Isfahan. Initially, the center could accommodate only three birds, but over time, the capacity has increased to ten birds. Despite this, the focus remains on having volunteers care for birds whenever possible due to limited budget and human resources.

Our Rescue and Rehabilitation Process

When AvayeBoom receives a call about an injured bird, the call is transferred to the responsible team member. This person asks a series of questions to confirm that the bird truly needs assistance. Once confirmed, the caller’s address is noted, and the nearest veterinarian from a network of supportive vets is contacted. The caller is instructed on how to safely capture and transport the bird to the vet.

Upon the bird’s arrival at the veterinary clinic, AvayeBoom receives a status report from the vet. In many cases (an average of 40% over the years), the injury is so severe that the bird cannot be returned to the wild. In such cases, if the bird is not an endangered species, euthanasia is recommended. If the bird is treatable, the nearest volunteer is asked to take the bird and care for it under the supervision of AvayeBoom and the vet. Birds that are endangered or require special care are transported to AvayeBoom’s facility in Isfahan. After treatment, the birds undergo rehabilitation and are eventually released back into the wild.

Volunteer Involvement

Volunteers interested in this program can sign up through the AvayeBoom website. Based on their experience and completed training courses, they are provided with additional learning resources and invited to participate in rehabilitation processes. These volunteers receive membership cards from AvayeBoom and play a crucial role in the success of the rehabilitation efforts.

Impact and Achievements

To date, AvayeBoom has received, treated, and released 350 birds. Additionally, over 1200 cases have been guided, with volunteers providing care for the birds outside the center. This program has significantly contributed to bird conservation efforts by ensuring injured birds receive the care they need and raising public awareness about wildlife rescue.

The community has been actively involved in this program, with volunteers playing a crucial role in the rehabilitation process. Moving forward, AvayeBoom aims to continue expanding its volunteer network and increasing its capacity to help more birds in need. Future plans include enhancing training programs for volunteers and exploring new ways to engage the community in wildlife conservation.

Support Our Efforts

Your support is crucial to continue our bird rescue and rehabilitation efforts. By donating, you can help us provide the necessary care and resources for injured birds and expand our impact. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference. Click the link below to donate and support our mission to save and protect birds.