Empowering Conservation Through Education and Training

Building Awareness and Skills to Protect Birds and Their Habitats

The primary mission of the AvayeBoom Bird Conservation Society’s education and training efforts is to improve bird conservation in Iran through increased public awareness. By educating people about birds and their importance, we aim to foster a community of informed individuals who are committed to protecting avian species.

Our education and training initiatives directly support our overarching goal of bird conservation. Individuals trained by AvayeBoom either contribute directly to our conservation efforts or influence other organizations and institutions. This ripple effect amplifies our impact, helping to ensure that bird conservation principles are widely understood and implemented.

Over the years, our volunteer educators, specialists, and facilitators have trained more than 4,000 individuals. This number represents only those directly educated by AvayeBoom; the broader impact of our work extends to many more. For example, over 300 nature tour guides trained by us have significantly raised awareness about birds among their clients. Our flexible approach to education spans from basic lessons for children under 10 years old in schools to specialized training for rangers and foresters on bird conservation and monitoring techniques.

Our training sessions are typically conducted in person, complemented by fieldwork for practical learning. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted to include virtual training sessions. In addition to these courses, we have organized monthly birdwatching programs for citizens for the past eight years, conducting over 90 birdwatching events to date.

Birdwatching Education

Our birdwatching education program includes workshops in Isfahan’s cultural centers, at the AvayeBoom office, and online. Over the past eight years, we have organized more than 90 birdwatching programs, most of which were free to encourage participation. This initiative has successfully made birdwatching a popular recreational activity in central Iran, significantly increasing public awareness about birds and their importance to the ecosystem. Participants in these programs have also contributed to greater knowledge about bird species diversity and distribution.

Children’s Education: Urban and Rural Schools, Cultural Centers

Children are a priority in AvayeBoom’s education efforts, as they are the future stewards of our environment. Our children’s education program is divided into three categories: education in urban schools, rural schools near protected areas and wetlands, and cultural centers for interested and volunteer children. Over 900 students in urban areas have been educated by our team. In rural areas, we have worked with students living in the Mooteh Protected Area and those near the wetlands in Bushehr and Arjan. These programs aim to inspire curiosity and a love for nature among children, fostering a new generation of conservationists.


Infographics play a significant role in sparking curiosity and interest in learning among various audiences. With financial support from different sponsors, AvayeBoom has designed, printed, and installed 18 infographics in public spaces. Topics include “Birds of Arjan Plains,” “Introduction to Birdwatching,” “Birds of Isfahan City,” “Eagles of Iran,” “Owls of Iran,” “Why Bird Conservation is Important,” “Cranes of Iran,” and “How to Become a Birdwatcher.” These visually appealing graphics simplify complex information, making it accessible and engaging for the public.

Website Articles and Publications

The educational section of AvayeBoom’s Persian website includes over 200 promotional articles on birds, birdwatching, and the importance of conserving birds and their habitats. The website receives 400 to 600 daily visits, with 93% of visitors finding us through bird-related search terms on Google. This section has significantly contributed to public education and is currently the best online resource for learning about birds in Persian. These articles cover a wide range of topics, from species profiles to conservation tips, providing valuable information for bird enthusiasts and researchers alike.

Training for Rangers and Environmental NGOs

Historically, conservation efforts in Iran focused mainly on mammals. AvayeBoom has been working to change this by training rangers and environmental activists in bird conservation and monitoring techniques. Over 200 rangers and 70 environmental activists from eight provinces have received theoretical and practical field training from AvayeBoom, enhancing their skills and knowledge about bird conservation. These training sessions cover essential topics such as habitat management, anti-poaching strategies, and the use of technology in conservation.

Specialized Group Training

AvayeBoom has developed training programs for specific groups who, while not directly involved with birds, can impact their conservation. For example, we have trained 80 teachers in two provinces on how to educate their students about birds. Tour guides have received training on bird identification and organizing birdwatching tours. Firefighters in central Iran have been trained in handling and transporting injured birds, and municipal experts have learned about the impact of urban vegetation on bird life. These targeted trainings help integrate bird conservation into various sectors, promoting sustainable practices.

Face-to-Face Education

AvayeBoom regularly sets up booths and stations in various urban locations during events like World Migratory Bird Day and Public Awareness Day. These face-to-face interactions invite people to learn about our activities and engage with bird conservation efforts directly. By bringing our educational programs to public spaces, we make it easy for the community to get involved and learn about the importance of protecting birds and their habitats.

Specialized Workshops

We conduct specialized workshops for birdwatchers and volunteers on various topics. For instance, our bird photography workshops have increased the number of professional bird photographers in central Iran, whose images have significantly contributed to public interest in local wildlife. Other workshops include bird song identification, ethical codes in birdwatching trips, bird evolution, attracting birds, and bird census methods. These workshops equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute effectively to bird conservation efforts.

Webinars (Special Two-Hour Sessions)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, AvayeBoom transitioned much of its work to online platforms, including educational activities. Even after the pandemic, we continue to offer online education through webinars. Topics have included “Birds of the Persian Gulf and Their Conservation Importance,” “The Importance of Migratory Birds and Their Current Status in Iran,” and “Developing Birdwatching-Based Ecotourism in Iran.” These webinars provide an accessible way for people to learn about bird conservation from the comfort of their homes, engaging a global audience.

Join Our Efforts

By participating in our education and training programs, you become a crucial part of our mission to protect and conserve bird populations. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a child or an adult, there’s a place for you in our community. Together, we can make a significant impact on bird conservation and ensure a brighter future for our avian friends. Join us today or donate to help us make a difference!