Construction and Installation of Nest Boxes in Isfahan

Connecting People with Birds through Urban Nest Boxes

Since 2016, the AvayeBoom Bird Conservation Society, with financial support from Isfahan Municipality, has implemented a project to construct and install nest boxes for birds in Isfahan. This project, conducted in three phases from 2016 to 2023, aimed to foster closer connections between people and birds and to support bird species facing population declines due to urbanization.

Objectives and Goals

The primary goals of the nest box project were:

  1. To create closer connections between people and birds by allowing citizens to observe birds’ life stages, thereby increasing awareness and appreciation for birds.
  2. To protect bird species experiencing population declines in the city, due to changes in urban architecture that have reduced natural nesting sites.


The project involved the following steps:

  1. Construction: Volunteers and students participated in building, carpentry, and painting the nest boxes.
  2. Installation: Volunteers and AvayeBoom members installed the nest boxes in various locations, including Najvan Park, Isfahan Women’s Park, Flower Garden, Hasht Behesht Park, Chahar Bagh Street, and Sofeh Mountain.
  3. Monitoring: Volunteers, including hikers and birdwatchers, conducted quarterly monitoring of the nest boxes.

Community Involvement

Community involvement was integral to the project. AvayeBoom announced specific days on social media for interested individuals to gather and participate in the construction and installation of the nest boxes. This hands-on involvement fostered a sense of community and environmental stewardship among participants.

Success Stories

One notable success is a nest box installed near one of the busiest metro stations in the city. For the past four years, this nest box has been continuously used by birds for breeding, with many citizens sharing photos of the birds on social media.

Key Findings

  • Usage Rate: 73% of the nest boxes were used by birds for at least one breeding cycle.
  • Challenges: 20% of the nest boxes were stolen or vandalized before being used by birds, and 7% were not used by birds at all.

Future Plans

The project plans to enter its fourth phase, focusing on bird species with declining populations, such as the European Roller, Little Owl, and Swifts. Additionally, cameras will be installed in some nest boxes to provide live streaming of bird activity, allowing citizens to observe the nesting process online.


The AvayeBoom Bird Conservation Society extends its sincere gratitude to Isfahan Municipality for their financial support and to all the volunteers and students who contributed their time and effort to this project.

We invite you to explore the images and video below to see the project in action and understand the positive impact we are making in the community.